The Artist Collection

The Artist Collection

Elisabeth Gürtler initiated the Sacher The Artists’ Collection in 2009: a charitable project that brings together outstanding Austrian art and Austria’s most famous cake. We have commissioned a limited edition Original Sacher-Torte with special packaging designed by a different renowned artist every year since 2009. All the proceeds go to a specially chosen charity – a different one each year.

The Prof. Hans Staudacher limited edition
Original Sacher-Torte

Prof. Hans Staudacher is the seventh Austrian artist to pick up the brush for the exclusive Sacher Artists’ Collection. The result is a unique artistic approach to the packaging of the much-loved cake, turning the traditional wooden box into a work of art. The Artists’ Collection is a strictly limited edition of 555 Original Sacher-Torten, all proceeds from the sales go to the Austrian association of epileptology.

Our specially chosen charities have been

2015 – Austrian association of epileptology
2014 – Angelman association Austria
2013 – Medical University Vienna
2012 – H. Stepic CEE Charity
2011 – SOS Children’s Village Wien and the Viennese Animal Welfare Organization
2010 – Neurological outcomes in children after ECMO
2009 – St. Anna Children’s Foundation

Distinguished artists

2015 – Prof. Hans Staudacher
2014 – Prof. Arnulf Rainer
2013 – Herbert Brandl
2012 – Xenia Hausner
2011 – Prof. Christian  Ludwig Attersee
2010 – “Ironimus” Prof. Gustav Peichl
2009 – Prof. Hermann Nitsch